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Sistema Progetto performs its activities to the complete satisfaction of the Customers, by respecting the procedures of the Quality System and by improving a continuous training of the Personnel.

Sistema Progetto focuses the maximum attention to the Health and the Security of the personnel through a periodic training program, with the aim of becoming them aware of it.

Sistema Progetto was born on 30th November 2001 after a multi-year cycle of research and tweak of Techniques for the Organization and the Development of complex Projects in Italy and abroad.
Sistema Progetto offers services in the Organization and Control of the Project, in all phases: Design, Procurement, Construction and Mantainance.

Sistema Progetto intervenes as support to Customer or Contractor in the Contracts management.

Sistema Progetto integrates the services offered with the proprietary Project Management Softwares customizable to the Customer needs.

How Sistema Progetto works

Sistema Progetto can work alone or in collaboration with other entities, by always guaranteeing a unique interface.

Sistema Progetto has developed a network of highly skilled specialists to provide integrated services.

Sistema Progetto is addressing its services to:
  • Public and Private Entities that need to integrate their own structures with external specialists, in the Project Management and Project Control areas.
  • Medium and small construction and assembling companies that want to optimize production Costs and Times facing the new challenges of a more and more complex market.
  • The Engineering Companies, for introducing in the development of the design, the techniques aimed to the Costs and Times reduction and the control of the quality of the project definitions.
  • BIM implementation support and tools.
Sistema Progetto Sistema Progetto is certified by ICMQ.

The Quality System is complying to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 norm and is aimed to guarantee the customer satisfaction, and the service and product quality through a constant verification and improvement of the internal Processes and the Procedures.